Từ vựng cho Writing Task 1: Graphs

IELTS Vocabulary for Writing Task 1
Chúng ta cần học một số từ đặc biệt để mô tả sự tăng giảm trong bài viết task 1: graphs.

Trong bài viết task 1, bạn phải viết ít nhất 150 từ, và để thể hiện vốn từ của bạn, bạn không nện lặp lại từ vựng.

Đa số bài viết task 1 thường dùng động từ ở dạng quá khứ. Các bạn cẩn thận khi dùng thì cho bài viết task 1 của mình.

Movement (Verbs): Up
  • Rose
  • Went up
  • Increased
  • Grew
  • Shot up
  • Surged
  • Rocketed
Movement (Verbs): Down
  • Fell
  • Declined
  • Dropped
  • Decreased
  • Sank
  • Went down
  • Plunged
  • Plummeted
  • Between 1995 and 2000
  • From 1995 to 2000
  • Sales rose from 200 to 250
  • Sales fell to 150 in March
  • Sales fell by 50%
Adverbs and intensifiers
  • slightly
  • a little
  • a lot
  • sharply
  • suddenly
  • steeply
  • gradually
  • gently
  • steadily
No Movement: (Verbs with Adjectives, Verbs)
  • remained steady
  • were unchanged
  • did not change
  • remained constant
  • remained unchanged
  • remained stable
  • stabilized
Tops and Bottoms
  • reached a peak
  • peaked
  • reached its peak at…
  • reached their highest level
  • fell to a low
  • sank to a trough
  • reached a bottom
The graph below shows electricity production (in terawatt hours) in France between 1980 and 2012.

The line graph compares the amount of electricity produced in France using four different sources of power over a period of 32 years.

It is clear that nuclear power was by far the most important means of electricity generation over the period shown. Renewables provided the lowest amount of electricity in each year.

In 1980, thermal power stations were the main source of electricity in France, generating around 120 terawatt hours of power. Nuclear and hydroelectric power stations produced just under 75 terawatt hours of electricity each, and renewables provided a negligible amount. Just one year later, nuclear power overtook thermal power as the primary source of electricity.

Between 1980 and 2005, electricity production from nuclear power rose dramatically to a peak of 430 terawatt hours. By contrast, the figure for thermal power fell to only 50 terawatt hours in 1985, and remained at this level for the rest of the period. Hydroelectric power generation remained relatively stable, at between 50 and 80 terawatt hours, for the whole 32-year period, but renewable electricity production saw only a small rise to approximately 25 terawatt hours by 2012.

Vocabulary Tips
  • Không lặp lại từ – Don’t repeat verbs
  • Trước khi bắt viết, tạo danh sách những từ đồng nghĩa với keyword xuất hiện trong đề bài – Before you start to write, make a list of synonyms (words with the same meaning)
  • Viết nhanh lại title của graph bằng nhiều cách khác nhau. See how many ways you can rephrase the title of the graph.
  • Cẩn trọng với giới từ và thì. Be careful with prepositions and tenses. They can make a big difference in meaning. Ví dụ: “rose by” thì khác với “rose to”. Hãy học từ vựng cùng với giới từ kèm theo của nó.